Before we had created WRB Technology (Weather-Resistant Beech), furniture used to be classified as indoor and outdoor. We have abolished this division.

In temperature range from 5°C to 65°C WRB furniture is protected against deformation.


Bad weather conditions can be devastating for wooden furniture. There is one exception to this rule – this does not apply to products protected by WRB technology. A special formula based on natural ingredients neutralizes the effects of most weather conditions effectively. WRB coated chairs, bar stools and tables made of beech wood are very well protected.

WRB protects furniture against humidity, discoloration, splitting or drying as well as mechanical damage. A standard chair put outside will not preserve its quality. Exposure to UV radiation, high temperatures and humidity (including rainfall) would surely take its tool. A huge trouble might also be proper functioning in coastal areas. Sea spray can lead to spoilage of coating and corrosion at the metal and wood joinery. WRB grants exceptional durability also in such difficult climatic conditions.

Resistance to moisture and

tests in the ARALAB climate cabin Sherwin-Williams laboratory in Marsta (Sweden)

Resistance to sunlight UV

paint coating tests performed according to ISO 11507: 2007

Resistance to salinity

tests in the chamber for cyclic corrosion tests, made according to ISO 9227: 2012


The great advantage of WRB is the possibility of applying it on most non-upholstered beech furniture in our offer. There are many different styles and several hundred models to choose from.

These are the same models that are placed inside the restaurants, hotels, clubs and conference rooms around the world. The wood can be colored with any of the stains from our regular offer. The use of WRB does not change the design of the furniture, comparing to the piece without such coating.

Available in all colours of stains


Ordering furniture coated in the WRB technology is an excellent investment. Such pieces o furniture dance on a tiny line between two environments: outdoor and indoor. Simply put, you can buy fewer but universal chairs. WRB improves the overall durability of the furniture significantly, so that seasonal replacement of equipment can be carried out less often and at a lower cost.