If we remove physical barriers between two people, the flow of information, knowledge and emotions will be simpler. Unfortunately, furniture in public spaces can very often be an obstacle.

The changes that our offer has undergone allow us to model a new type of interaction. We achieved that by modifying or creating from scratch some of the furniture bodies in AIRES and TUK collections. The benches in both families are, as a matter of fact, just widened armchairs. They became a catalyst of social reaction. A new context of relationships is being built upon the act of sitting next to each other without any barriers. This results in more personal customer service, spontaneous contact in public spaces and finally, it prevents separation of families (symbolically).

For obvious reasons, the TUK table has a top in the form of an irregular hexagon. Every piece of furniture in this family refers to this shape. Different side lengths change the rules of the game; sitting vis-à-vis forces a compromise. It will be much more convenient to sit close together, facing the same direction. Again, it enriches the context and encourages to discuss or to simply make it all less formal.