When you admire new furniture designs you rather follow an artist's work and his way of thinking. Furniture belongs to the category of products not only defined by aesthetics, but also by the user’s needs. They are the background on which the author presents his vision of enhanced reality. The motto Embrace new forms fully depicts the character of this year's premieres. Our new products are like puzzles that show our vision of a better world… only when you put them together. Let us show you!


This armchair was a demonstrator of a new type of finish – the “(W)” variant. The designer knew that there would be a huge veneered outer surface of the backrest at his disposal. This surface clashed into a contrast with the upholstered layer on the inside. Therefore, he decided on dynamics and also quite “soft” geometry. The saying “form follows function” reflects in the model’s construction – the backrest and the seat board are bent as if they were to wrap around the user. Thereby, both the natural wood pattern and the structure of the upholstery fabric are perfectly exposed. It really depends on the context; the colors and structures of both surfaces can be combined so as to evoke a strong contrast or mild harmony.

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It is a modern armchair created with a unique XIX century technology of bending beech wood under the pressure and steam. LA BENDA fascinates with the subtleness of construction and feasts your eyes with harmony and incredibly gentle form. It seems light as if it was floating in the air. A beech rod, subtly bent in several places, is a characteristic element of the design. It plays a role of a lynchpin for both front legs of the chair and at the same time it supports the rear part of the backrest. The visual opposition – the legs in the back are straight and set firmly on the ground.
The author’s vision for LA BENDA was inspired by the silhouettes of partners in a dance. We could assume that this contrast between these furniture elements is well presented by a woman who moves daintily and embraces her partner’s shoulders trustfully in their tango.

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La benda

AIRES armchair debuted in 2018 and surprised everyone with the unusual shape of its armrests and legs. It was inspired by a horse saddle. Later, this structure developed into a bench form which gave us the possibility to prepare a theme collection. But above all others – we could expand within the range of use. AIRES bench provides more usable space, which makes it an excellent piece of furniture for lounges, relaxation zones or customer service points.

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A chair that embodies flexibility. A distinctive backrest bent in a subtle arch composes in surprising harmony with sharp, rounded legs of a rectangular profile. ARCHER bears more of such contrast. The front legs are straight and much lower than the rear legs. They bent forward and are shaped just like a cutting arrowhead. This form grants the body of the chair amazing dynamics that are resembling a silhouette of a man who is about to run.

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The most often demonstrated collection in the entire Paged portfolio is TUK. This year, together with its author – Nikodem Szpunar, we decided to develop it further. We have not just “expanded” it with another chair, but we supplied it with additional product categories, still maintaining distinctive style of this family. Therefore, “IV” new products were introduced to the furniture collection that is built on the characteristic hexagonal plan.

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Elegancy consists of simplicity and lack of abundance. Both of these ​​values had been included in just one Swedish word: lagom. It perfectly describes our armchair. The uncomplicated but refined form builds confidence and is far from grandiosity. The backrest board is a thrilling detail – its sophisticated cutout evolves smoothly into high armrests. Legs that are narrowing down inch after inch – they can be coated with metal sleeves.

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The ‘60s and ‘70s were a very difficult time for Polish design and our factories. Poland was cut off from the western world due to the division of spheres of influence – by the so-called Iron Curtain. Acquiring modern technologies, materials or even the exchange of experience was near to impossible. The only way to catch up on this was by turning towards the ancient ideals of mens et manus (Latin: mind and hand). The creativity of designers together with  enormous, precise and tedious work of hand had to suffice to produce comfortable and beautiful furniture.

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Circumstances define the nature of the subject. WRB technology allows you to bring down the restrictions on the use of furniture, which makes such piece of furniture truly versatile.

Weatherproofing eliminates the difference between "inside" and "outside" furniture. The same model can be put in the conference room, restaurant, garden or any other place. This is how we save your time, space, money and reduce the impact on the environmental. And these are just a few main advantages of our solution.

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