Each company and each place has its own unique culture composed of various symbols. Let’s take a closer look at sports clubs: crests, colors, profiles of legendary players, anthems, dates of great successes, etc. Why not to communicate these values ​​through furniture?


Whatever seems important – it’s worth expressing it. We suggest doing so with a print on a plywood surface of our furniture (backrest, seat, table top). Since we interact with furniture for most of the day, this form of application will suit every brand perfectly. Such print with a thoughtful message will definitely attract the attention of the clients. Transferring a visual project to such an unusual medium will engage especially those who are already insensitive to traditional commercials (billboards, citylights).

Placing a personalized pattern on furniture allows you to grant it with additional functionality. A chair can become a carrier of its branding by applying the company logo appropriately. It would be a remarkable element of the decor in a conference room or sales point. Imagine merchandise for fans of some music stars or famous sportsmen! On the other hand, a subtle pattern applied to the veneer can also bring great decorative value – a terrific way to commemorate important events, anniversaries and jubilees.


Paged Prints technology has brilliant quality parameters. The pattern is reproduced in the tiniest details with perfectly reproduced colors. It is possible to produce a semi-transparent pattern at the customer’s request. That would allow you to present your design and simultaneously preserve the drawing of natural wood on veneer.