There is nothing more beautiful than a natural wood pattern. What is more, there are numerous scientifically proven positive health properties of it. It would seem that our body instinctively recognizes this material as its ally. (W)ood calms down, relaxes, purifies the air. This is the reason why it is so important to have as much wood as possible in our homes, offices or outlets.

Some would think that solely upholstered furniture can be truly elegant and comfortable. We, on the other hand, suppose that only synergy of health, functional and aesthetic properties will result in a (W)ondrous and spectacular effect. This is how we created the symbol (W) – you will find it in the furniture catalog.

Vast amounts of natural wood at the base and on the outer parts of the backrest, they harmonize with (W)ildly diverse texture and vivid colors of the fabrics. Such procedure lets us create (W)elcoming and (W)arm interiors at the full measure. This concept is really (W)orth an applause.

(W)onderful thing


Wood is our main raw material. It is our DNA. Nevertheless, careful observation of the market led us to the conclusion that we should strengthen and boost the extraordinary properties of this natural material. Currently, fabrics designed for furniture provide a whole range of functional benefits that can go even far beyond the ​​aesthetics. Thus, we have rebuilt our range of fabrics completely, saturating it with collections that are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, of increased abrasion resistance, and of course produced with full responsibility and highest respect towards rigorous environmental standards.

The new fabric template has also been rebuilt in content-related terms – it contains more relevant technical information about all 16 collections. It facilitates their comparison and inspires with interesting moodboards


Natural wood has no secrets to us and we know everything about its coloring. Our current offer includes a dozen different stains, over 20 enamels and almost 30 colors of finish foil. You can be sure that we will customize the colors of the furniture regardless of how unusual your project is. We ensure you it is going to match your assumptions perfectly. We provide you with over 10,000 possible configuration options based only on the regular offer of fabrics, stains, enamels and foils. Yet, this does not exhaust our possibilities. The one who said that sky is the limit was very wrong. There are no limitations in personalizing our furniture to your needs.