Words are nothing.
but there is everything
in between.

At this year’s edition of iSaloni in Milan, we were to present a number of novelties. However, these were not only the new products. The slogan “EMBRACE NEW FORMS”, which was supposed to be our motto during the trade fair, gained a new context. Our notion now is to implement the exhibition in a dynamic formula, letting you create your own experience with our products.

No tickets, no opening hours, no sightseeing program. There will be only you and us, wandering together somewhere between the words and the reality behind them. It is the reality full of promises. Will you have a glimpse and see for yourself if we succeeded?



The scenery can be
more interesting
than the actors.

Our brand came into living at a time when designers projected the reality around them with their work. Thus, they provoked far-reaching changes in the societies. We have nurtured such approach since almost 140 years. We have always been wondering: what value could each piece of furniture bring to the community?

The world does not need new furniture. It needs new solutions. See what we have prepared this time.



Nothing fits
better than a
proper contradiction.

Wood is beautiful due to its uniqueness. The wood grain is always unparalleled. At the other extreme, there lies a fabric with its uniform and predictable pattern. There lies its texture that is perfectly reproduced, weave after weave.

What will you receive after combining such different elements? It will be an amazing harmony based on a strong contrast. Like fire and water in the nature, black and white in a chess game. Each one is free, yet in a need of the other one so as to fully maintain its entity.



Bringing down a wall
is like building
a relationship

The principles of proxemics are ruthless. Most of the furniture arranged in given space will create an obvious barrier. It would cause a natural discomfort to cross it, dividing people into those “from here” and those “from the outside.” Reception desk is like a border between two countries. A waiting room with chairs set back to back cannot encourage any conversation, rendering the contact more difficult.

What if we reversed that trend? Just have a look at how we completed two furniture collections. We created a new nature of community-oriented interaction in public spaces.


Social Context


Solutions for furniture,
furniture for solutions

Aesthetics and comfort should be just the beginning. Furniture is our companion for most of our lives, although most people’s expectations towards this product are considerably low. You shall find the answers in the right questions, thus we performed a huge thought experiment.

We questioned the new potential values ​​of furniture in use, which allowed us to establish two unique technologies. They both create completely new areas of usage and possibilities.



Value chain
is the only chain
that won’t bind

The establishment of our factory in Jasienica in 1881 was dictated by environmental point of view. Local wood resources and the way they were managed guaranteed not only continuity of production, but also responsible sourcing of raw material. Our brand’s philosophy stands proud on this very foundation – the respect for the ecosystem we feel an important part of. We have a strong sense of responsibility.

We feel obliged to care for the natural environment, for the quality of our products, for our customers and for our employees. This is a thoughtful investment in the quality of life of the entire community. For us, the ecology is a multi-level concept full of complexity.



Time is a dimension
with no direction.

To indicate the beginning or the end of a process would be difficult. You can observe this well enough in case of trends in purchase or design. Furniture earlier considered as outdated and passé return now as modern, fresh and present.

At Paged Meble we called it a “continuum”. Each project overrides the company’s tradition in some ways, yet it builds new contexts for interpretation of their values. No product is completely old or new to us. There are no two identical copies of the model. We owe that to considerable input of human hands and the uniqueness of wood. This most valuable heritage consists of almost 140 years of tradition that have allowed us to create countless projects. This is how the idea for the HERITAGE collection came to our minds. It is the re-premiere of models unveiled at least 40 years ago and now confronted with the requirements of today’s lifestyle, but also confronted with current trends in design.